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Body Contouring

Body Contouring casablanca
Body Contouring

Why Choose PowerShape 2?

Powershape 2 is one of the best, non-surgical and safe treatment for Fat reduction in Casablanca, A New Innovative three in one Body Contouring and Weight-loss treatment therapy which is result oriented and Clinically Proven to help you to look your very Best.

PowerShape 2 is one of the greatest options for non-invasive FAT reduction in Casablanca, whether you want modest body contouring or a full body transformation.

Get rid of cellulite reduction in Casablanca, Transform your physique with the clinically proven and powerful Powershape 2 triple body contouring and weight-loss technology. The Combination of Multi & Bipolar RF, Low Level Laser, and Vacuum Roller technology makes it one of the most nonsurgical and safe cellulite reduction removal treatments available.

Powershape 2 for cellulite reduction is effective in delicate parts of the face, double chin, neck, bra line, love handle, and other tough and delicate areas of the body can be noticed immediately after the first session. This is a non-invasive, non-surgical treatment that is also one of the most cost-effective treatment cycles available in Casablanca.

All therapies given via Powershape 2 for fat reduction can be tailored to the individual’s needs; they are safe, clinically proven, and TGA certified, and there is no downtime.

Key benefits of PowerShape 2

Cellulite Reduction – Visible reduction in the appearance of cellulite in specific locations. • Fat Cell Reduction — Boosts metabolism and activates the lipolytic tissue pathway, which reduces fat in the targeted area. Circumference reduction is visible after only a few sessions. • Cellulite Reduction and Skin Tightening – Immediately visible improvement in the skin after the first treatment. • Very effective for Non-Surgical Post Liposuction Treatment Improvements in blood circulation and lymphatic drainage are critical for general health. • Reduces post-operative edema effectively. • Aids in collagen stimulation while causing no harm to the skin’s surface.


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